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The writing of this memoir is like a flower that needs sun and water to live. So wondrous and painful a journey, to experience the emotional history of past events and relive one’s life in bits and pieces, to find the gems and the nodules from which beauty, and the struggle for truth are displayed on the page as reflections of the heart’s discoveries. Significant memories I have extracted from the past are presented as I remember them, using the lens of my growing and maturing ego consciousness, which often drew a context different from the original one I remembered. In so doing, whatever seemed harsh and unforgiveable gave way to understanding, to an enlarged perspective, which included the projection of my parent’s internal life and their struggles.

I now celebrate and transform a world of hurt and loneliness that I experienced as a child, and I can forgive myself for not seeing the larger picture until now and for holding resentment and anger for so long. I am free to let go of any negative traces I have continued to harbor internally and to open my heart and arms to my own sovereignty as well as freedom and redemption for all my ancestors. This is the freedom my soul and sovereignty has been wanting and is now experiencing. Gratitude for my life and for the lives of others. All my love their way. And all my love to the readers who are journeying with me through the episodes of my ego consciousness and spiritual evolution.