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As a healer and a seeker of truth, Dr. Anne Elizabeth has been searching for the origins of consciousness, thinking, and spiritual connection throughout her lifetime. She has explored many philosophies and found the work of Rudolf Steiner; a most comprehensive diamond mind view of our relationship to the cosmos and ourselves. She has experienced many spiritual contacts as well as spiritual pilgrimages to England, France and Spain following the path of Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and continues her quest for spiritual sovereignty in connection with her Future Self and the support of the

Marconics Chronos Guild.

Through the many spiritual pathways explored, Dr. Elizabeth has found the work of Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy to hold a deep global and comprehensive perspective of the connections between our earth, our planet and the ways in which we are influenced by the planetary system in which we live. Beyond this matrix, Dr. Elizabeth discovered the Marconics Chronos Guild, which facilitated her healing, and ascension process with her Future Self into enduring grace multidimensionality.